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Here’s a flag I made for my internet Friend, OLD ACHE.


I am happy to say that we have a big JOB for Benefitfocus in January, which will include large sculptural partition walls for their latest building on Daniel Island.

Additionally, I can now officially announce that “RUFOUS: the stuff of life” will open on February 12th at Redux Contemporary Art Center. It is a duo art show featuring Michelle Jewell and Becca Barnet (that’s me!) and we are making ALL NEW WORK. So that’s on the roster as well.


I just spent some time in New Orleans, and was totally inspired by the French Architecture, the liveliness of the people, and the music! The lapidary gems and mineral store was my favorite part I think. I got a lot of crystals, my favorite is black tourmaline.


I am having a sale in the online shop, use the code SISAL at checkout for free shipping, and use the code TOW for $5.00 off your purchase of 2 or more items! webdeer

Also, here’s Bruce inside my bag when I got back from all this traveling.


Here’s what Spartanburg looked like for the five seconds I was home for Thanksgiving!  IMG_3508

Temp Tats

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I’m planning to make temporary tattoos for the big cartel site. I’m currently trying to woo Tattly into working with me, but if that doesn’t work I’ll get them to you somehow. TEMP TATS TO THE PEOPLEwebtats THE PEOPLE.

Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

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The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum in Florida (Seminole Tribe!) has commissioned a snapping turtle, longnose garfish, white catfish, deer meat pile, and fire pit.

Here are some photos of the snapping turtle – ready to ship to the museum.

turtle model, turtle, sisal and tow, becca barnet, model making, animal model IMG_2487 IMG_2489

Blog Hop

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There’s a little new phenomenon on the internet and it’s called Blog Hop. I’ve been invited by Nina Garner to present a little bit about her work, and then tell a little bit about myself. I also have the pleasure of inviting a few other artists to participate. So here it goes.

Nina and I had the opportunity to work together at Worthwhile a while (ha) back. When I met Nina, she was so sweet and quiet that when I saw her thought-provoking and powerful artwork, I felt like I had discovered a whole new side to her. Delicate, detail-oriented and meticulous, looking at Nina’s art is like finding a secret love-letter that you’re not supposed to read but you just can’t look away.

Her website says this about her: Inspired by 19th century portrait photography, Nina’s work encompasses various techniques and materials to create compositions that glorify moments in time, the beauty in nature, and people.  Using film photography, her photographs transport the viewer to another time and place by bonding the everyday and the exotic.

I say that admiring Nina’s creations, like REALLY getting lost in them, is like having a deep sleep on a forest floor, and waking up from that dream knowing that the feeling you have is completely unique to you as it fades away.

Dixie N.U.R.3 Inthebush.2

Now I’m supposed to talk about myself…

My creative process right now usually starts with some object, then I think of this hair-brained (harebrained?) scheme which I couldn’t possibly pull off, so I try to reign it in a little and go from that point of confusion.
I treat taxidermy and natural history artwork like fine art… so I guess I enjoy doing the best job I can at something that’s a little hum-drum, or can be seen as backwoodsy or blasé.
Illustrations, mostly, which is what I went to school for. It’s funny how these things come in full circle. I am also doing some animal models for a Native American Museum, and some secret custom toys for a local graphic design/ad agency. Lots of stuff.
Because if I didn’t do it, I would wither away, shrivel up and die.
I would love to hear from the following ladies:
Raven Roxanne, PainterScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.24.35 PM
Hailey Wist, Photographer8C2A1735-714x475
Olivia Rae James, Photographer 15238839301_809c0a3e57_o

Of Mice and Hens

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The Alliance of Artists Communities is holding their annual conference in Charleston this October.

I am excited to say that my home/studio is on the tour for the afternoon of the 22nd – and it’s already sold out!

We will be pinning insects, and having lots of demos on the world of taxidermy. Things might get weird!

Read more about it here. 


The bag’s for “The Daily” are selling pretty well, get them while they last! The daily also has STUMPTOWN COFFEE, which is the nectar of the gods.


I am also super proud to announce that I am working with Kelly Finn on a kid’s camp to be held at the ARK in Awendaw in November. We want to make the tuition for the full-day camp go toward a free day of art for a local kid in Awendaw as well, so it’s affectionately being referred to now as “Art Gives Back.” More on that later.IMG_1380

Creative Mornings

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Wesley Verhoeve created an awesome photo essay series, called One of Many USA.

Creative Mornings expanded on it HERE! 

Thanks, Wes!

Additionally, I am working on a series of 50 hand painted bags for The Daily.

They are looking super cute – they are all different!


One of Many, Charleston by Wesley Verhoeve

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Please read this beautiful compilation of Charleston Creatives by the hard-working and talented Wesley Verhoeve. He’s amazing!

I am honored to be included in this list. 



Hub City Animal Project

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I just designed some logos for the Hub City Animal Project. Their goals are to create a fund with guidelines that inspire animal organizations to implement programs designed to keep animals with their people and out of the shelter.

I have also been working on some custom insect boxes, custom wall hangings (think starlings!) And I am excited about a show coming up in February.


The Daily and LOKAL

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I am pleased to announce that Butcher & Bee masterminds Melody and Michael have asked me to design a series of limited edition canvas bags to be featured at their new endeavor, THE DAILY. The Daily will feature all your (yes) DAILY needs, and hopefully you’ll be able to put all your purchases in your Sisal & Tow bag. A sneak preview follows:

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.28.21 PM

Also, today I went out to Seabrook on John’s Island to paint a mural designed by Delphine Studio. It should be a cute little restaurant, set to open in a few weeks.


Indigo & Cotton

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Pleased to announce that July 24th, 5-8pm will be the opening at Indigo & Cotton for new work from Sisal & Tow. (79 Cannon St, Charleston, SC!)

Read their blog post HERE!