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We recently had the privilege of creating some personal memorial boxes for a family who recently lost a loved one.  The fabric for the backs of the boxes is from the family member’s shirts, and the flowers are pressed and preserved from the memorial service.  These boxes are a lovely way to have a very special keepsake and preserve the memories of the extraordinary people who come and go in our lives.


We love being able to create something personal and meaningful for our clients.  These shadowboxes were inspired by Victorian mourning wreaths.  In the 1800’s, family members would give a lock of their hair, typically to their mother or grandmother, and she would weave the locks into ornate flowers or other designs that would reside within frames, brooches, watches, etc.  These pieces of jewelry would be worn daily by husbands and family members, and the frames would be displayed in living rooms and parlors.  Today, taking locks of hair and turning them into art would probably be frowned upon, but in the 1800s it was nothing out of the ordinary.  


The idea of such a personal memento really resonates with us, and we would love to do more work in this vein.  And as with the hair mementos, they’re not just created in times of mourning.  Husbands would wear a lock of their (living) wife’s hair in his watch!

Options are but not limited to:

Wedding boxes- veils, bouquets, your invitation, stained glass created from the broken glass at a Jewish wedding

Baby memorabilia- baby teeth, ribbons, a rattle, pages from a favorite children’s book

Misc. Memorabilia- hair, clothing, pressed flowers, animal collars

All can be embellished with ribbons, flowers, butterflies, or other natural/decorative objects.

We can do any size, any frame style.

Thanks for looking, happy holidays y’all

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