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Rufous, The Stuff of Life

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Rufous: the Stuff of Life was a huge success- a huge, heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out to support us!


Things that are exciting, and happening now are:

-Custom Cloches and Taxidermy for the Spectator Hotel


-Set design and fabrication for a local film company… another collaboration with Finkelstein’s Center!

-Custom Wallpaper for a new hotel (more info later!)


-Custom wedding invitations… the beginning!


-And perhaps a major renovation for a local museum (more info later, too!)


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I’m teaching at Redux this week and the kids are already making beautiful work.

This class is called “Patterns in Nature” and next week is affectionately referred to as “All About Bugs!”

I have taken July as a little lighter of a work-month, but there are still exciting things happening at Sisal & Tow.

For example, Rick Rhodes Photography is going to be making nice prints of my mechanical pencil drawings, so keep an eye out for those, coming soon to the bigcartel shop.

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