1600 Meeting St

Problem: The Lobby of the multi-use creative space at 1600 Meeting needed an art installation to welcome visitors, but also to speak to the uniqueness of the space.

How we solved it: This piece is an homage to all the tiny parts that make up the whole building at 1600. The first item unexpectedly salvaged from the transformation of 1600 Meeting St. was an old phone switchboard. We imagined all the precious screws, sprockets, bits and bobs of metal that no longer had a purpose here and thought of a new way to display them.  The taxidermy fox leaps from the ceiling through the metal, visually high in contrast to the steel and wire scraps. We liked the idea of creating an installation in the entryway of the building that symbolizes the meshing of ideas and people, which, to us, exemplifies the goal of 1600 Meeting St.

sisal and tow, becca barnet, taxidermy, charleston, fabricationsisal and tow, becca barnet, taxidermy, charleston, fabrication