Benefitfocus Partition Walls

Nine partition walls created for Benefitfocus‘s newest office space in Daniel Island, SC.

Designed by ASD, fabricated by Sisal & Tow and Squarepoint Design. Photographs by Lindsey Harris Shorter.

Problem: The project architects wanted partition walls within the space of a very modern, minimal building. On a utilitarian level, the partitions would serve to block the view of the kitchen and meeting rooms. On an aesthetic level, the architects wanted the partitions to be made up of organic items that spoke to the vernacular of the lowcountry.

How we solved it: We sourced vintage bike wheels, hand-woven fishing nets, wooden pallets, rope hammocks, storm shutters, and antique doors, among other items, to create themed partitions. We researched and confirmed that all re-approporiated materials were up to fire code and contained no elements that would be unsafe for the users of the building. For each wall, we built custom mounts and framework to support the individual objects and create a cohesive partition comprised of a collection of objects that speak to life in the lowcountry.