Butcher & Bee

Over 8,000 nails were hand-hammered into a 7′ wide board to create a larger-than-life copper version of the Butcher & Bee logo for their new space on Morrison Drive. Top photo by Robert Donovan.

Problem: The owner was looking for an art piece that warmed up their very clean, modern space and looked lovingly handcrafted, just as their food is.

How we solved it:┬áThe original concept for the space was the Workshop, so we installed thousands of copper nails in the shape of the Butcher & Bee logo. The idea was to give a subtle nod to the restaurants origins, while speaking to the handcrafted, made-from-scratch nature of the food being served. The copper nails also helped to highlight smaller, more understated copper accents in the space. Ultimately, Butcher & Bee ended up moving it’s original restaurant to this location, and our piece was flexible enough to work for the transition.