Phantom Limb Co. Deerhead

Commission from Phantom Limb Co. for the theatrical presentation of Peer Gynt, at the Republique Theater- Copenhagen, Denmark.

Problem: PLC needed a deer head that looked like a taxidermy mount on the wall in one scene, but then it needed to be wearable and come to life in the next.

How we solved it: The deer head needed to be real taxidermy material,┬áhad to be sturdy enough to stay erect, but flexible and light enough to be worn on performers head – essentially a wearable piece of taxidermy! We created this piece using traditional taxidermy methods, but changing the substrate material and adding a wrestler’s ear guard inside to keep the head on the performer without falling off. Quite the challenge, but the results paid off!

phantom limb company, sisal and tow, becca barnet, taxidermy