The Dewberry

Workstead and Sisal Creative worked closely to design patterns for The Dewberry in downtown Charleston. Photographs by Matthew Williams.

Problem: Workstead asked us to help develop a series of patterns to help substantiate their vision.

How we solved it: We designed a series of high-end botanical patterns that included local foliage and blooms. Our goal was to add a quiet, southern, feminine edge to an otherwise modern, masculine space. The pattern suite was developed to be used in multiple ways, including linen wallpaper in the vestibules, armoire coverings in every room, imagery on gift cards, framed artwork in the on-site spa, and labels on in-house amenities. The pattern is a memorable part of the user experience and lends a cohesion that carries Workstead’s original narrative throughout the hotel. We also worked with Franklyn in NYC to design a seperate logo for the Citrus Club, the rooftop bar at the Dewberry.