We create transformative art, exhibits and spaces.

At Sisal Creative, you’ll find an enthusiastic, talented team of artists-for-hire. We’re ready to consult, conceptualize, design and fabricate … pretty much anything! Always custom and site-specific, our art-forward objects and interactive experiences can be designed for just about any application.
Our works are made using carefully considered materials and processes, allowing us to visually represent our clients and artistically interpret their incredible stories. Provided with plans or designing from scratch, our wild imaginations and attention to detail come together as we produce artwork so unique that it exists in a category of its own.

Founded in 2012, our studio is led by Becca Barnet.

Becca’s work is driven by a fascination with natural history and preservation. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration, she also attended the Missouri Taxidermy Institute where she fine-tuned her special knack and patience for taxidermy repair – from cleaning to complete mount renovations. She’s put her precision and passion for replicating textures and preserving animals into the creation of an array of museum displays.

The challenge of "making anything" is what keeps her going! In fact, Becca is featured as a season-long contestant on NBC's Making It hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. Now streaming on Hulu! 

Behind the core studio team is a small army of skilled and trusted craftsmen + women, recruited specifically for each project’s needs- as well as some state-of-the-art tools and mind-blowing applications. 

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You Animal!

As animal lovers, environmentalists, and advocates for early learning, we’re especially proud of the children’s book we’ve created called You Animal. Our book shows kids that even though we are very different from some of the world’s weirdest creatures, we can also find things in common that spark compassion, curiosity, and ultimately, a love of nature. The book’s engaging format allows adults and children to compare and discuss topics, which is imperative to early learning. We hope that the connection readers feel with the animals will spark a deeper conversation about the future of animal conservation. If our youngest readers connect with animals and the natural world early in life, they're more likely to become Earth-conscious adults.

Our first edition hardcovers have sold out, but we're excited to offer a smaller, soft-cover second run at a more affordable price point.

Grab a copy of You Animal!