Sound Abatement

Who knew that sound absorption and abatement could be disguised as fine art? WE DO NOW! We’re excited to offer bespoke, site-specific installations that simletaneously work to reduce unwanted noise.

Utilizing royalty-free and vintage images, Butcher & Bee features a gallery wall that knocks out sound while adding character to the small back room. At Miller’s All Day, our digitally hand-drawn illustration is applied to acoustical panels at 27′ long! At FIG we use a different (but equally successful) approach with hand-cut, layered rows of felt. Framed and presented as abstract fine art pieces, they offer visual interest and organic textures to the room as they combat the echoes.

Let us know if your space is a bit noisy and could use some fine art with a duel purpose!

Butcher & Bee, Charleston, SC

Miller’s All Day, James Island, SC

FIG, Charleston, SC

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