You Animal

Photos by Lindsey Shorter

Lil Bit Lit, a local publisher of art-forward children’s books, approached us to write and illustrate a book, which has been a dream of both of ours for a long time. The founders of LBL are profoundly inspired by the creative talent they see emerging in the South — artists who seek to make a difference in the world by reaching kids. LBL wants to give these artists and writers a modern and collaborative platform to do so. Their mission is to create beautiful art-forward children’s books — written and illustrated by the most exciting emerging artists they can discover — that children delight in having on their bookshelves and parents delight in having on their coffee tables.

Our book, You Animal, will help children of all ages reconnect with animals by inspiring them to be their best animal self! Our goal is to remind kids that though we are very different from some of the world’s weirdest creatures, we also have lots in common with them. Each mini-story has a quick “call to action” for both animals and children, followed by a question at the end asking readers how they can relate to the animal in the story. We believe this format is important because it sparks a lot of thought, comparison and conversation — all imperative to early learning. Reading and discussing are a huge part of development! We hope that the connection readers feel with the animals will spark a deeper conversation about the future of animal conservation. If our youngest readers connect with animals and the natural world early in life, they’re more likely to become Earth-conscious adults.

You Animal is available to purchase on the Lil Bit Lit website and at retailers nationwide!