You Animal!

As animal lovers, environmentalists, and advocates for early learning with kiddos of our own, we are especially proud of our published children’s book, You Animal! The world’s weirdest creatures and their amazing skillsets seem so different from ours, yet in the pages of You Animal! we can still find things in common that spark compassion, curiosity, and ultimately, a love of nature. Imperative to early learning, the book’s engaging format allows readers to compare and discuss topics designed to instill an appreciation for interconnectedness. Our hope that children identifying with animals will spark a deeper conversation about the future of animal conservation. This passion project of Kaleigh and Becca’s aims to create future Earth-conscious adults! You Animal! is written by Kaleigh Hastings and Illustrated by Becca Barnet, originally published with Lil Bit Lit.

Our first edition hardcovers have sold out, but we’re excited to offer a smaller, soft-cover editions as well as baby board books. E-mail for your copies.

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